SQLinForm SQL Beautifier

 Free Notepad++ Plug-In ...

...  Release 5.1.33 from February 19th, 2017

New Release 5.1.33 with live code formatting as you type

...  Release 5.1.32 from February 3rd, 2017

New Release 5.1.32 now with code folding and colored keywords

notepad++ sql formatter plug-in

... Step 1: Download the Free Plug-In Release 5.1.32


System Requirement: Windows and Notepad++ (32-bit)


SQLinFor Installation Instructions

... Step 2: Install

Copy the downloaded dll file to the Notepad++ plugin folder

SQL Formatter for Notepad++


... Step 3: (Re-)Start Notepad++

SQLFormatter for Notepad++

... Step 4: Format your SQL

SQL Formater for Notepad++